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CBT News Anchor Joe Gumm sat down with Phil Sura, video marketing expert and speaker at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference + Expo to chat about his breakout session.

Phil will host a DealerTalks Breakout Session titled: Leveraging Video in the Automotive Retail World.

Joe asked Phil the following Questions. Tune in to find out his answers.

– Tell us about your session topic at the upcoming CBT conference “Leveraging video in the Automotive Retail World”.
– How will video marketing help dealers sell more cars?
– What types of video are successful dealers using? – What do you say to a dealer who thinks that video marketing will not help their business?
– What would you say to a dealer that has tried video marketing with uncertain results?
– In one of your youtube videos you mentioned targeting spanish speaking buyers. How would a dealer go about making a video in Spanish? And should all their videos be translated?
– Do dealers see a higher return on ROI when they start using video experts like UnityWorks media to make and market their video?
– What will conference attendees take away from your session at the upcoming conference?


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