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CBT News Anchor Joe Gumm sat down with Laura Madison, dealership social media expert to chat about her breakout session at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference. Laura will host a DealerTalks Breakout Session titled: A Dealer’s Guide to the Untapped Opportunity of Social Media.

Joe asked Laura the following Questions. Tune in to find out her answers.
– You’ve succeed in the automotive sales world from a traditional approach and with social media. When you compare these methods what advantages or disadvantages stand out?
– How would you recommend finding the social media platform that works best for a dealers business?
– What is the number one mistake you see dealerships make when it comes to using social media effectively?
– What are some objections you hear from dealers regarding using social media as a marketing tool?
– How does a dealer determine that their social media efforts are successful?
– What do you think the next big trend will be in social media?


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