Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: 2016 was so yesterday.

2016 saw a lot of change in the automotive industry, and a lot of talk about the change. We heard about big transformations as dealerships shifted to a more digital business. We discussed, predicted, and began to change. 2017 has arrived and we’ve moved from future to past tense: no longer on the cusp of […]

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Phil Sura

CBT News Interview with Conference Speaker Phil Sura

CBT News Anchor Joe Gumm sat down with Phil Sura, video marketing expert and speaker at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference + Expo to chat about his breakout session. Phil will host a DealerTalks Breakout Session titled: Leveraging Video in the Automotive Retail World. Joe asked Phil the following Questions. Tune in to find out […]

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Video Marketing is Easier Than You May Think

We’ve all been hooked by a viral video before, whether it’s a talking camel or the “most interesting man in the world.”  And you’ve probably wondered how great it would be if you could create that level of buzz for your own business.  While there’s no magic formula to creating a video that goes viral, here […]

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