Content marketing

Why On-Site Content Sets Your Dealership Apart

Your dealership spends a lot of time and energy converting leads. And with good reason: leads are key in lifting your sales. So you have chat and prequal and offers and specials– everything a potential customer could want. But a lot of dealers focus on converting leads and ignore the 95% of people on their […]

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CBT News Interview with Conference Speaker David Kain

CBT News Anchor Joe Gumm sat down with David Kain, Expert Automotive Trainer to chat about his breakout session at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference. David will host a DealerTalks Breakout Session titled: Create a Business Development Dealership & Watch Your Business Grow. Joe asked David the following Questions. Watch the video to find out how […]

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Why Early Stage Shoppers Will Help Your Dealership Win – Ilana Zur

Early-stage shoppers are an elusive bunch. They’re in-market, browsing your site for critical information. But they’re not ready to buy, and will bounce at the slightest distraction. This is not the case with later stage shoppers, or soft-stage leads. These customers are further along the buying cycle, which makes them more proactive. They are willing […]

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Mark Tewart

The #1 Key to Automotive Sales Success?

  By: Mark Tewart If you asked 50 people who work in the retail automotive industry the following question, “What is the #1 key to automotive sales success?” I bet you would get a lot of different answers. And, every answer you would receive could be considered right. Also, every single answer would probably have […]

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CBT News 08082016

CBT News – 08.08.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Communication is one of the most important skills we can ever learn. It leads everything that we do—whether we’re communicating at work to meet deadlines and achieve results, or … Read More Tom Stuker Sits Down with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT […]

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CBT News Story 07282016

CBT News – 07.28.16

5 Things to say to an Angry Customer For all the money you spend training your customer service staff, the essence of what you need them to do boils to five key phrases….. Read More CBT News Alert: acquires Dealer Rater Alex Vetter CEO of and Gary Tucker CEO of DealerRater discuss the […]

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