CBT Interview with Ilana Zur, Head of Business Dev. AutoLeadStar

CBT News Anchor Joe Gumm sat down with Ilana Zur, Head of Business Development at AutoLeadStar to chat about her session at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference. Ilana will host a DealerTalks Session titled: Lead Capture vs. Engagement: What is the difference and why should you care? Ilana Zur leads Business Development and is a […]

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The Technology Experts That Set the CBT Conference & Expo Apart

Like lots of other aspects of the retail automotive industry, technology is constantly changing.  At the 2017 CBT Conference, we’ll be featuring the top trainers in the industry over the course of the three-day event.  Here is what you can expect to learn from the technology experts that will be speaking at the conference in […]

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Why Early Stage Shoppers Will Help Your Dealership Win – Ilana Zur

Early-stage shoppers are an elusive bunch. They’re in-market, browsing your site for critical information. But they’re not ready to buy, and will bounce at the slightest distraction. This is not the case with later stage shoppers, or soft-stage leads. These customers are further along the buying cycle, which makes them more proactive. They are willing […]

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