Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: 2016 was so yesterday.

2016 saw a lot of change in the automotive industry, and a lot of talk about the change. We heard about big transformations as dealerships shifted to a more digital business. We discussed, predicted, and began to change. 2017 has arrived and we’ve moved from future to past tense: no longer on the cusp of […]

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Engage Customers with Video Email

We all know communicating with customers is critical for your dealership’s success. It’s not only a matter of getting a customer’s attention but engaging them when you do. The web is flooded with emails and ads. It might be hard to imagine what more video mail can do to engage your customer when you might already have […]

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How Important is Your Email Subject Line?

It is clear that what you put in your subject line is important but what’s not always apparent is how successful your subject line will be at motivating your recipient to open it. The good people at Mail Chimp have used their email expertise to compile a list of most successful and least successful subject […]

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