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Tom Stuker “Build a Winning Sales Team Through Unique and Innovative Recruitment, Hiring, Management and Training Strategies”

Grand Hall - DealerTalks Stage March 7, 2017 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

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Tom Stuker

Every manager wants a winning team! Join me for some out-of-the-box strategies on how to hire 15+ a month salespeople. Master new-age techniques on how to recruit, hire, train, retain, and manage a team of top producers!

As a manager your personal success and the success of your entire operation is hinged on the group of people that comprise your sales staff and how you manage them. Every manager wants a winning team! Especially a team that averages over 15 units a person. A team in which all your players are working productively towards the same goals. In this session, we touch on turnover, the hiring and interview process, as well as training and managing new hires. Let me show you how to reduce turnover through new-age recruitment and hiring guidelines. I will briefly touch on the interview and hiring process. Then, walk you through the specific strategies used to train new recruits, both rookies and veterans, including what they need to know, who should be training them, and how it should be done to produce a winning sales team of 15+ a month top producers.

  1. Guarantee yourself a winning sales team by utilizing new and innovative ways on how to recruit, hire, train, and manage a winning sales team.
  2. Learn how building a winning sales team all starts with management processes and building a proactive culture within the dealership. It’s time to learn to sell cars rather than waiting around for people to buy them!!!
  3. Implement the perfect training program for both rookies and veterans that produces 15+ a month salespeople month in and month out.