Ilana Zur “Lead Capture vs. Engagement: What is the difference and why should you care?”

Grand Hall - DealerTalks Stage March 8, 2017 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Ilana Zur

Most automotive dealerships view their website through one primary lens: lead capture. However, lead capture will only ever work on, at best 3-5% of your traffic. Clearly much of that traffic–and this is increasingly true of millennials and mobile buyers–are visiting your dealership’s website with a different purpose in mind.

The goal of this session is to help dealers conceptualize their website as optimal retail experiences that answer the specific needs of their constituents. Thinking about next generation engagement in the automotive industry is to expand the idea of the website to include lead engagement, and not only lead capture. Like most other industries, many typical car buyers will be researching on your website before coming into the store to seek information and not necessarily to convert into a lead. This contact is your first impression and your fresh opportunity to engage with the visitor. So should you show your visitors a lead capture form, a trade-in offer, or a piece of content about financing their purchase? Unfortunately, this can be hard when you’re not face-to-face. In this session we will explore the differences between pure lead capture and personal engagement and why it’s absolutely essential that your dealership website should incorporate both.

Top 3 Takeaways for Dealers:

Understand how to leverage content and other methods for high-impact engagement.

Learn about best practices in lead capture and site-visitor engagement.

Understand how to measure engagement in the context of your goal of selling more cars.