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Bob Lettis “Eliminate the Guesswork When Working Deals – 2 Powerful Tools for Pre-Qualifying and Pre-screening Shoppers at Your Dealership”

Grand Hall - DealerTalks Stage March 7, 2017 4:55 pm - 5:25 pm

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Bob Lettis

Are you satisfied with the quantity and especially the QUALITY of the leads that you are seeing from your website? What if you knew your customer’s FICO score and auto credit profile as soon as they walked into your dealership – or drive in for service? What if you had a solution to prioritize website leads before you pick up the phone? Now you can using a soft-pull! Performing a prescreen or pre-qualify (soft-pull) on shoppers early on in the process will help you shorten the sales cycle, hold deal gross, and create more satisfied customers. Don’t waste another minute selling a vehicle your customer cannot qualify for. Don’t lose another customer who is highly qualified and can buy today. Running a soft-pull on your website and showroom shoppers can help you identify: