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Scott Meyer “Advanced Facebook Marketing: Conquest, CRM Connection & Dynamic Inventory Ads”

Grand Hall - DealerTalks Stage March 9, 2017 1:20 pm - 1:50 pm

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Scott Meyer

The average American spends 40+ minutes a day on Facebook. Move beyond boosted posts and promoted pages in this session to learn the advanced techniques that grow your leads and sales using Facebook ads, including:

-How to use advanced targeting including Polk data and credit score indicators
-How to market based on CRM data such as days until last lease payment, miles driven or days since purchase
-How to connect Facebook Lead Ads with your CRM to follow-up in a targeted way and see conversion for specific customers
-How to create dynamic inventory ads on Facebook, so ads change with price and detail updates to your inventory

The reach and surgical targeting of Facebook continues to improve. Attend Advanced Facebook Marketing to learn what is next and what actually works for auto dealers on the world’s largest social network.