DealerTalks Educational Sessions


“Create a Business Development Dealership & Watch Your Business Grow”

David Kain
President & CEO
Kain Automotive

“5 Strategies to Master Progressive Retailing”

Cory Mosley
Mosley Automotive

“The Formula for Creating Gross”

David Lewis
David Lewis & Associates

“Sales Strategies for the Hyper-Informed Customer”

David Martin
The Mar-Kee Group

“Eliminate the Guesswork When Working Deals – Powerful Tools for Pre-Qualifying and Prescreening Shoppers ”

Bob Lettis
VP Strategic Alliances

"Making a Manager: Solving the Retail Management Talent Crisis”

Alan Ram
President & Founder
Alan Ram's Proactive Training Solutions


“Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy World”

Gary Vaynerchuk
Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Authority
Keynote Speaker

“The Age Of Disruption: Everything Has Changed & Nothing Is Different”

Scott Stratten
Disruptive & UN-traditional Marketing Expert
Keynote Speaker

“Do Over: Investing in the 4 Things that Every Great Business Needs to Navigate Change”

Jon Acuff
New York Times Bestselling Author
Keynote Speaker

“The Future Of Automotive Retail Sales & What This Means For Your Dealership”

Peter Leto
Head of Retail Sales, Google Automotive
Keynote Speaker

“How to Turn Up Inventory Turn”

Eric Brown
President and Chief Officer
LotLinx Media Holdings

“How to Do the Impossible: Satisfying Your GM’s Appetite for In-Market Buyers”

Ian Cruickshank
VP of Sales & Marketing
Speed Shift Media

“A Dealer’s Guide to the Untapped Opportunity of Social Media”

Laura Madison
National Director of Sales
Alan Ram's Proactive Training Solutions

“Advanced Facebook Marketing: Conquest, CRM Connection & Dynamic Inventory Ads”

Scott Meyer
Brofounder (brother+cofounder)
9 Clouds

“Your Marketing KPIs are Junk Without CPE”

Brian Pasch
PCG Companies

“Critical Strategies to Unlock Your Fixed Operations Marketing Revenue”

Glenn Pasch
PCG Companies

“5 Essential Building Blocks in Building Your Video Strategy”

Phil Sura
VP Automotive
UnityWorks Media

“Lead Capture vs. Engagement: What is the difference and why should you care?”

Ilana Zur
Head of Business Development

“Forget the Funnel: Use Intent to Maximize Your PPC Efficiency”

Kate Andra
Director of Strategy
Force Marketing

“How to Leverage Data to Maximize Profits”

Eric Mercado
Vice President of Sales
Force Marketing

“Fix the Phones: Your Phone Process and Your Bottom Line”

Chip King
Owner and Managing Partner

“Leverage Data to Boost Dealership Profits”

Nathan Usher
Director of Business Development

“The Down and Dirty of Digital Retailing”

Aaron Schinke
Director of Product Management


“Re-Generation in the Workplace: Leading & Managing Different Generations”

Dr. Nicole Lipkin
Organizational Psychologist
Keynote Speaker

“Training Millennials in the Digital Age”

Tony Troussov
Automotive Development Group, LLC


“Build a Winning Sales Team Through Unique and Innovative Recruitment, Hiring, Management and Training Strategies”

Tom Stuker
Stuker Training

“Service Advising: Myth vs. Fact”

Jeff Cowan
Founder & CEO
Jeff Cowan's Pro Talk

“The Dealership of the Future: Aligning Your Operational and People Strategy”

Candice Crane
VP of Dealer Relations

“F&I Digital Retailing is Here – Should You Be?”

Becky Chernek
Chernek Consulting, LLC

“5 Keys to Successfully Managing Any Dealership”

Mark Tewart
Automotive Industry Expert, Author & Consultant;
Tewart Enterprises, Inc.