CBT News Anchor Joe Gumm sat down with David Martin, President of The Mar-Kee Group, to chat about his session at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference.

David will host a DealerTalks Session titled: Sales Strategies for the Hyper-Informed Customer.

David Martin is the President of The Mar-Kee Group, a 20 year old international sales training company. He has 39 years of retail sales, management and training experience and has authored dozens of articles on sales and management training. David has spoken at 28 national and international conventions, including 10 times at NADA and 7 times at AADA.

Joe asked David the following Questions. Tune in to find out his answers.

1. There is so much information available online that customers are more educated than ever when they come into the dealership. How can sales people utilize that to win the sale?
2. What is the most important tip you can give a dealer to increase customer service at their dealership?
3. As younger generations join the sales staff, how is sales training for millennials different than sales training for other generations such as Baby Boomers, Gen X, etc.?
4. What advice can you give managers to onboard new sales staff as quickly and efficiently as possible?
5. What can managers do to motivate a seasoned salesperson that might be going through a sales slump?
6. Most managers are elevated to this role because of their high success as a salesperson. Traditionally in this transition they receive little to no management training. What can they do to achieve success in this role as well?
7. There are three or four generations currently buying cars and they all have different preferences when it comes to communication. How do you determine the sales approach to take when a new customer comes through the door?

Find out more about David Martin on hisĀ Conference profile page.

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