Make Your Booth Stand Out Against the Crowd

On a crowded expo floor, it can be easy for your booth to blend in. But if you want to make your space stand out at the 2017 CBT Conference, there are lots of ways to attract visitors. Here are a few ways to set your exhibit apart from everyone around you:     Swag […]

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Exhibit Booth Signage

7 tips for commanding exhibit booth signage As a designer and art director, I have worked closely with various conferences and expos that range from print to retail automotive to self-help. Signage has always been the most important¬†but sometimes most left behind part of showcasing your company at a conference. We have all been there. […]

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Booth Design Psychology

For much of my career I have worked directly or closely with the exposition industry. I have been involved with building not only the shows themselves but the booth and feature design as well. Design plays one of the most important roles in your trade show experience. You can have your best people, in the […]

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Atlanta Attractions

There is no time like the present to visit the South’s largest city. In the middle of an urban resurgence, Atlanta was named one of the New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2014.¬†Around every corner is a new attraction, restaurant or shopping opportunity. If you haven’t visited in a few years, you haven’t […]

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