We all know communicating with customers is critical for your dealership’s success. It’s not only a matter of getting a customer’s attention but engaging them when you do. The web is flooded with emails and ads. It might be hard to imagine what more video mail can do to engage your customer when you might already have videos online. Marketing experts know that video email allows you to add personalized message that reaches out to your customer directly. 

Alan Ram, President of Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, is a big proponent of using video in email. He has this to say about what video email can do,“Video mail brings the personal touch back. Its all about the personal touch in a world where technology often removes us from personal contact video mail brings the human element back into the equation.”.

Imagine making a quick video to answer customer’s question, or when initially responding to a lead. A video will allow you to showcase your product and your body language and tone of voice will show your genuine willingness to help your customer. Imagine how your video email will stand out compared to a competitor with a plain text email.


Digital marketing firm, Covideo.com has a ton of experience with video email marketing. In a recent blog post  Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017, they outline how consumers today most prefer to learn about a new product.

“4% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service by reading a manual, just 5% prefer speaking to someone on the phone, and a huge 44% prefer to watch a video.”

Not only is video the most preferred method to learn about new products its extremely versatile and customizable. Video email can be used in ways you might not expect. For example it can be used for event marketing, you can make a video highlighting your booth’s location and email it to your attendees. There are almost endless ways to take advantage of video email. Proximity Marketing.com goes over the above example and some other creative ways video email can be used in their article Will Linking to a Video in Email Increase Sales.

 You might have tried some similar marketing efforts with video and or email, with mixed results in the past. Perhaps trying some of the examples we’ve gone over in this article could be a big hit with your customer base.


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