The Management Experts That Set the CBT Conference & Expo Apart

Anyone who’s ever had a bad manager knows the importance of good managing.  That’s why we’ve assembled a line-up of the top management experts in the auto industry to speak at the 2017 CBT Conference & Expo. Whether you’re looking for new tips and tricks to lead your team or advice on how to move […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: 2016 was so yesterday.

2016 saw a lot of change in the automotive industry, and a lot of talk about the change. We heard about big transformations as dealerships shifted to a more digital business. We discussed, predicted, and began to change. 2017 has arrived and we’ve moved from future to past tense: no longer on the cusp of […]

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CBT Automotive Conference Testimonials

The CBT Automotive Conference + Expo is the most information packed event in retail automotive. Covering every aspect of the dealership; our take-aways, speakers, trainers, vendors and hospitality are second to none. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our attendee testimonials below and do something great for your dealership in 2017.       […]

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CBT News Story 08292016

CBT News – 08.29.16

  The top stories impacting the auto industry | 5 Ways to Improve Motivation I am a high performer. I like things done and done properly. I also try to stay focused, making the best of my day and enabling me to go home on time. However, I know that not everybody is the same […]

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CBT News Story 08252016

CBT News – 08.25.16

  The top stories impacting the auto industry | 5 Ways to Increase Productivity Phew—you’ve just wrapped a major event or come out the other side of a recruitment push. You’ve become a master multi-tasker, you’ve learned how to work twice as efficiently, and you’re no longer fazed by having a new challenge thrown at […]

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CBT News Story 08242016

CBT News – 08.24.16

  The top stories impacting the auto industry | 4 Tips to Be More Productive Read More Reach More Customers with Max Steckler We sat down and talked with Max Steckler who is the VP of Digital Products of CDK. We asked him how we can digital reach more customers. Watch our interview to see […]

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CBT News Story 08232016

CBT News – 08.23.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 5 Ways to be Successful at Your Job In some industries, you need very specific skill sets to be successful. For example, a chef needs to be able to chop vegetables. But certain skills will be helpful no matter the job, the industry, or your experience level. […]

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CBT News Story 08222016

CBT News – 08.22.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 5 Tips for Better Communication Most employees come to work with the intention of doing a good job and take pride in what they do. This makes them interested in what the organization is doing and what it has planned for the future…. Read More Michelle Denogean […]

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CBT News Story 08182016

CBT News – 08.18.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 5 Ways to Stay Productive Not being able to stay productive at work is a problem that everyone runs into at some point; no matter how much you like your job, there are certain factors that prevent you from staying at maximum proficiency throughout the whole day…. […]

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