5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important skills we can ever learn. It leads everything that we do—whether we’re communicating at work to meet deadlines and achieve results, or …

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Tom Stuker Sits Down with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News

Tom Stuker sits down with Jim Fitzpatrick to talk about his new show “The Tom Stuker Show” on CBT Automotive Network.  Watch the interview to find out what his new show will be about!…

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Trends from July’s Auto Sales

The big debate in the auto industry swirls around worries of whether a sales peak in the U.S. has been reached. With Autodata reporting sales rose only 0.7% overall, July sales give us some clues as major auto manufacturers posted flat sales or small declines over last year’s historic highs….

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Tips on How to Build a Strong Dealership Relationship

That new car smell, the new features, showing off to your friends and coworkers. These are all the joys of the new car ownership experience. The average client views the overall car buying experience as exciting. A car is a huge part of …

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CBT News Featured Shows

Straight Talk with David Lewis

Weekly Tune Up with Jeff Cowan

Auto Marketing Now with
Brian Pasch

Kain & Co. with David Kain

F&I Today with Becky Chernek

Saturday Morning Sales Meeting

Progressive Retail with
Cory Mosley

On the Mark with Mark Tewart

The Tom Stuker Show


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