CBT News Story 07202016

CBT News – 07.20.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 3 Things Highly Successful People have in common with Peyton Manning Peyton Manning, a record-setting five-time National Football League MVP ranks among the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. At 39 years old, Manning is set to become the oldest quarterback to… Read More How to sell 97 cars […]

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CBT News Story 07192016

CBT News – 07.19.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 4 Methods to increase employee productivity Employees are at their desks for an average of about five hours every day, and companies are paying for that time. But often the results of an employee’s work vs. time spent don’t exactly match up. A model employee that… Read More What […]

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CBT News Story 07182016

CBT News – 07.18.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | How to build a great company culture Amazon’s Seattle headquarters will soon have meeting rooms called treehouses, suspended in the middle of an urban greenhouse… Read More How to meet the President of Nissan in Japan Aziz Aztot sold 97 cars in one month for Town Center Nissan in […]

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CBT News Story 07152016

CBT News – 07.15.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | The 6 best ways to save time at work Anyone serious about achievement in business needs to be obsessed about efficiency. As a result of global commerce, the rise of the microchip and the ubiquity of the internet, business is being done at a blistering pace…. Read […]

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CBT News Story 07142016

CBT News – 07.14.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 6 Tips for becoming a good boss It’s easy, right? Taking on more responsibility and becoming a manager at your company is a piece of cake. You’ve worked there for years and know the drill, so how hard can it be?… Read More Where should your marketing […]

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CBT News Story 07132016

CBT News – 07.13.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 4 Powerful ways to double your productivity For decades now, we have depended on the caffeine from coffee to keep us alert and productive. While coffee can be beneficial, it also has its downsides, as we wrote in Rype’s blog. In fact, coffee is not a necessary… […]

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Jon Acuff

Announcing Keynote Speaker Jon Acuff

As some of you may know, after our 2016 conference we conducted an attendee survey. 100% of respondents agreed that the CBT Conference & Expo more than exceeded their expectations. They also told us that our speakers had a lot to do with that. We were overjoyed to hear the positive feedback we received. Although top presenters, […]

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CBT News Main 07122016

CBT News – 07.12.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | The first four things you should do every workday I recently got to work an hour early. I had one goal in mind: world-domination, early-morning productivity. I made coffee, opened my email inbox, and the next thing I knew it was noon. Where did the day go? […]

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CBT News Main 07112016

CBT News – 07.11.16

5 things business leaders do according to Mark Fields CEO Mark Fields describes his findings on successful business leaders For Ford Motor Company CEO and President Mark Fields, success is all about the team. During his 25-plus-year career with the automotive giant, Fields has honed his ability to lead others. He recently shared five of […]

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