Booth Design Psychology

For much of my career I have worked directly or closely with the exposition industry. I have been involved with building not only the shows themselves but the booth and feature design as well. Design plays one of the most important roles in your trade show experience. You can have your best people, in the […]

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CBT News Story 07282016

CBT News – 07.28.16

5 Things to say to an Angry Customer For all the money you spend training your customer service staff, the essence of what you need them to do boils to five key phrases….. Read More CBT News Alert: acquires Dealer Rater Alex Vetter CEO of and Gary Tucker CEO of DealerRater discuss the […]

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CBT News Story 07272016

CBT News – 07.27.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | Turning Customers into Fans In a small business, you’re rarely competing on price. Your customers have chosen you in large part because they like the way you make them feel — that they’re taken care of, that you know who they are, that you have a relationship…. […]

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CBT News Story 07262016

CBT News – 07.26.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 10 Things every customer wants Why does a customer buy from one vendor rather than another? According to research recently conducted by The Rain Group, customers tend to buy from… Read More Does your marketing connect with your target audience? Watch our interview with Kathi Kruse on […]

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CBT News Story 07252016

CBT News – 07.25.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | Improving Employee Relations There is a secret to becoming a more likable leader. It doesn’t have to do with how tall and charming you are, or how often you give employees a raise.  In fact, we have evidence that the majority of the behaviors displayed by the […]

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CBT News Story 07222016

CBT News – 07.22.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 5 Things you can learn from Warren Buffett Known for his frumpy appearance, it’s not obvious at first glance that Warren Buffett is today worth more than $65 billion… Read More Selling 97 Cars per month Watch our interview with Percy Sledge, who is the Sales Manager at […]

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Gary V. to Keynote

I am thrilled to announce the addition of Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary V.) to our 2017 speaker line-up. As a New York Times Best Selling Author, serial entrepreneur and social media celebrity, Gary V. has been on our radar for years. Gary is a straight shooter, crass yes, but genius. Fresh out of college he took his […]

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CBT News Story 07212016

CBT News – 07.21.16

The top stories impacting the auto industry | 8 Great Prospecting Tips Studies say that over 70 percent of people have found their jobs through networking. And you can safely bet that successful entrepreneurs didn’t get to the top by living in a bubble…. Read More How to get more positive customer reviews Watch our […]

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Atlanta Attractions

There is no time like the present to visit the South’s largest city. In the middle of an urban resurgence, Atlanta was named one of the New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2014. Around every corner is a new attraction, restaurant or shopping opportunity. If you haven’t visited in a few years, you haven’t […]

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